• We make games!
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  • We are visualisers!
  • We are programmers!
  • We are 3d/2d graphic artists!
  • We are web designers!
  • We are inovators!

We are rendeo!

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About rendeo

Ideas to Life


We are team of experienced programmers, graphics artist, designers, and creatives. Last decade we worked on hundreds of project like AAA game titles, mobile games, huge development project and many others.


We want to make all possible ideas alive. From start we are doing what we love. So our main goal is to make others happy and satisfied with our work.


We started because of the games, and games are our passion.

Projects delivered
Customers Worldwide
Years of experience


rendeo specializes in web development, mobile app development, game creation, 3D visualization, commercial animations and VFX, 3D modeling, real-time aplications.


With millions downloads under our belt, rendeo is your go-to partner for delivering quality games for mobiles and other platforms. From concept to monetization, our team has the world-class experience and talent you’ve been looking for.

3D modeling

We are able to model nearly anything that you can find in real world, game industry models, film industry models, advertising models, internet presentation models, models for internet and printed catalogues, low poly, mid poly, high poly models with textures.


We can provide any type of visualizations. Product, Architectural, Interior, Realtime, photorealistic.


rendeo web developers will convert your ideas into workable web solutions. With talented web development skills on board, rendeo will make compelling web apps and webs and jump-start your business.


If you are looking for mobile app development supplier, rendeo is your perfect match! We can prepare your app for all possible platforms ( iOS, Windows Phone, Windows 8, Android etc.) and devices (iphone, ipad, windwos phones, android phones and tablets, windows 8 tablets, game tablets and consoles, kinect device etc.)

Custom Software

rendeo is ready to provide full-cycle software development services at each stage of your project or idea.


We are creating games for all platforms , we can also create games for you or your company!

Armed Strike Game

Arcade shooter mobile game

Windows Phone Downloads


rendeo specializes in visualization of any kind. From architectural visualization, automobile visualization, product visualization to commercial animations and VFX, 3D modeling, real-time visualizations.

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